CRWC 002

USD 125.00

- This all natural fiber is renowned for its softness, excellent hygienic properties, and good moisture absorbency. Our pure cotton shirts are two-ply. This is the number of yarns twisted together to make a single thread. Two-ply fabrics are generally finer with a tighter weave than 1-ply fabrics. 


- This fabric has excellent cooling properties. It is breathable and comfortable to wear all year round as it allows your body to stay dry while your skin is still able to breathe. It is soft and pleasant to touch. The 2 ply weave makes it durable and less susceptible to dye migration (commonly referred to as bleeding). Although it is easy to iron, it is not completely wrinkle resistant.


- Care  : Machine wash with temperature provided. Hang to dry if possible. Dry clean recommended



Collar - Button Down

Placket - French

Pocket - No 

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