Upon your visit, you will be taken care of by one of our styling consultants, who will walk you through the process of fabric selection, style customization and get you measured up. Your first visit at our store will take you approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Once you have picked your fabric, we run through the different styles for you to customize your garment and make it uniquely your own. Attention is paid to details including fit, lapel, collar, cuff, button, lining, monograms, and much more. All your preferences will be recorded and we will offer our recommendations that best fit your body profile.

We then take all your sizes, which include anywhere from 25-30 sets of measurements. We take into account your body structure, build, shoulder elevation, curves and every detail that our trained eyes will spot.

We require a 70% deposit at the time of order. This can be paid either in Cash or Credit Card. At this time, we will also plan out your fitting times/dates with you. We will also write out a receipt/fitting appointment dates with you to help you remember your dates/times required for you to come in to try your clothes.


When you come for your first fitting, our styling consultant will lead you to one of our fitting rooms where you can try all your garments. We have 3 fitting rooms.

SHIRT: only one shirt will be completed at this time. The remaining shirts will all be cut into your pattern, but not sewn yet. At this point, all size changes can be adapted, and most style changes can also be done. With the updated alterations, your remaining shirts will be correctly made.

TROUSER/PANT: your pant will be a 85% completed product. All the details of the pants will be reviewed and all adjustments and alterations will be recorded

JACKET: your jacket will not be a complete piece. It will come in 2 pieces, the body and the sleeves. The jacket will be chalked up to fit your body and then the sleeves will be attached to your body, to check the length and width of your sleeve.

All your thoughts and preferences will be discussed with our stylist and finally, we record all the changes you want to make to get you that perfect bespoke suit.

We book you in for the next fitting, usually on the following day.


We check the fit and details of every garment with you to attain your full satisfaction. If your garments require any more alterations, we will happily make the adjustments for you and have you in for a third fitting. However, if your garments require any minor alteration, we are able to do it in-house for you allowing you to pick them up on the same day, and sometimes, within minutes.

If your garments require no changes, they are ready to go home with you after a final quality check by our team. Our team will go over your garments and record the changes you made over the past fittings, clean your clothes, make sure your suit is ready to be worn! Fine quality control that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye. All your size changes are then recorded, ready to be reordered online at anytime.

Your ready garments will then be packed for you in a handy bag so you can carry it back home conveniently. A suit bag will be provided if you purchase a suit from us.
Get off Nana station
Look for EXIT 4
Walk down EXIT 4
Walk against the traffic about 100 meters
Keep walking AGAINST the traffic
Reach the entrance of Sukhumvit soi 8
Walk 20 meters inside soi 8
Welcome to Crown Tailor on your left hand side


Please take the sky train and get down at NANA station – exit 4. We are located 20m inside of Sukhumvit soi 8, on the left hand side (1 minute walk from the sky train).

Please tell the cab driver “Sukhumvit soi 8.” We are located only 20m inside the soi, on the left hand side.
Be very careful of taxi drivers, limousines and tour guides taking you to the wrong shops, where you are over-charged. Give us a call and we can direct you to our store. We have only one branch.