We currently operate up to 5 tailored stores in Bangkok as well as have many resellers abroad who are using our back end and expertise to have clothes made and sent to them to resell, and this is something that we are able to offer to all current interested individuals or companies looking to do the same.


The first way is that the individual works as a "sales" for our company and promotes our products. This way there is less investment for you as you will be basically an extension of our company. In this way, we could also come and measure the "clients" that you have found for us, or you or someone measure up the clients and send over the measurements. The second way is that the individual has his/her own brand and use our tailoring services as their backend. They will be having their own label in the suits and shirts and have their own marketing and promotions.


Since we are a tailoring factory as well as a quality control team, we have many quality offerings. Please do let me know your target pricing and we can offer a price accordingly for your quality. At the same time, to show you how we are different to everyone else, we also offer complete QUALITY CONTROL forms provided with every item of clothing sent out to you.


To get started, you should order our reseller kit right away. We will prepare our latest fabric swatches and have them couriered to you within the next few weeks. Once you get our sample fabric swatches and order forms, you can start taking orders from your clients and sending us the order to tailor immediately.